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VI International Symposium for the study of chronic pain & fibromyalgia

To register for the Fibrosymposium 2015 – Fibrodolor 2015-2016, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page, make a bank transfer and send a copy of the transfer and the newsletter to the following email address:


Once you have personally completed the registration, you will have access to all the conferences taken place in 2015 during the Fibrosymposium on 18-19 September 2015. In addition, this inscription will also give you access to the Fibrodolor Online.

FIBROSYMPOSIUM 2015 consists of a keynote lecture and various presentations and panels of experts.

FIBRODOLOR 2015-16 consists of several presentations of Fibrosymposium 2015 and those viewed within Fibrodolor 2014 and Fibrodolor 2015. It is an online course created by the Foundation of the Affected by Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in order to update and disseminate the results of scientific research and technological development achieved in the study of chronic pain and fibromyalgia in recent years, as well as lectures and debates on clinical practice. The institutions and organizations will have an option to make a Conclusion session and Closing of the course.

Fibrodolor 2015 has two virtual campuses: general and professional, with two completely different private areas. Each campus will have its participation forum, an interactive platform where users can interact with lecturers, Fibrodolor scientific directors and other users.

FIBRODOLOR, in its online version and due to its circular structure allows to follow the course according to availability of each user, providing an opportunity to have access at any time to the videoconferences always made and the forum generated by each videoconference, as well as join a videoconference and interact with speakers and scientific directors.

Registration for the Fibrosymposium 2015 – Fibrodolor 2016 can be:

General registration fee: 150 €

Special (should be proved)
Scientific Societies members: 100€
Collaborating FM Associations and Federations and their partners: 75 €
Students: 75 €
Professionals: 150€

*** It is obligatory to make a registration both in order to attend only the Fibrosymposium and to take the Fibrodolor online course.


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